Virtual Casinos – The New Era of Gambling

Las Vegas, it is a city built in the midst of a dessert. Geographically, this city would not have been suitable for habitation because of its harsh climate. But despite of all these, the place has been a paradise to some people, the gamblers. What should have been a dry and barren land became a haven of wealth, and abode of the world’s greatest structures. All that is good in Las Vegas owed itself to one vice, gambling. Gamblers from all the corners of the world come here to place their bets in every casino, bluff every poker game, pull lucky levers of slot machines, and enjoy the thrill roulette. This thriving industry has set this city as one of the most exciting city of the world.

However, Las Vegas has found itself a competition. But not from another gambling cities like Monte Carlo and Macao. It is in the Internet. Online gambling has also fints its way in the dotcom business. The main reason of this business success is a thriving millions of potential bettors around the world connected by World Wide Web. Unlike going to Las Vegas or any other gambling city, gambles would not pay for airplane ticket and high room accommodation rates in a five star hotel found in the city. All they need to do is to sit down in front of their PC Screen and enjoy the clicking of the mouse while being thrilled of the coming results in the online gambling. In online gambling, gamblers need not to worry to store their cash in the vault. Every monetary transaction is done through bank transactions. The industry extends its benefits to the financial sector from the bank fees in every transaction.

Online gambling has also finds its own adherents in the Internet. These enthusiasts gather in an online forum discussing about gambling and the odds of the house. There are also gambling sites, which the gamblers called the rogue sites. These are sites that would not allow the credit won to be withdrawn immediately. Some sites would only allow a certain quota of the credit earned or a certain time so that bettors will have no other choice but to place the bet until they can meet the requirements of withdrawal. This would eventually make the house always in favor of the odds. Online gambling forum warns online gamblers to these rouge sites.

While the gambling industry is promising, it has also their nemeses which lead its way into its downfall. One of this is the gambling site operators themselves. Obtaining a random number is still an arbitrary. Many skeptics believe that online gambling programs can be manipulated. Other gambling sites counter this skepticism by publishing their audit of odds and even announcing the higher probability of winning of the bettor. Not to mention also the rouge sites who are sharking on the bettors’ money leaving them always empty handed. These are few issues that greatly affects the business.

But there is no greater adversary of the business than the US government itself. Everything has been changed after 9/11 bombings. The Wire Act has been promulgated to combat money-laundering cases. Money laundering has already been outlawed in the US and some parts of the world. It is believed and an accepted fact that laundered money is the source of funds for terrorist and other criminal syndicates. The anonymous nature of the bettors can be potential way of harboring fraudulent money transactions. With this reason, has reached its darkest period when it was outlawed in the US. Major Internet site follow suits by removing any advertisement promoting online gambling. However, online gambling has also won some allies in the US Congress because of its potential cash cow for tax. Rep. Barney Franks, Robert Flex, and Jim McDermott passed different congressional bills that would legalize and regulate operations of online casinos. It is yet to be known if these bills can pass the US Congress. But online casinos have already lost millions in terms of a potential market in the US.

While the US is hostile to online casinos, the European Union and some Caribbean Countries welcome it as one of its thriving and growing industry. The outlawing of the online casinos in the US prompted Antigua and Barbados to present its case to the World Trade Organization. Thanks to the laws in trade liberalization, WTO favored them and rejected any claims by the US that is only protecting public safety in outlawing it. The case is currently in a debate in WTO court. If the US Will loss the case, they will be forced to legalize and pay indemnities to the affected countries as will be ruled by the WTO Court.

Online casinos may be the greatest rival to the traditional brick and mortar, but it is yet to be seen if the worldwide public will accept it without any skepticism. Not only that, online casino has still to win its case to some countries, especially in the US, which outlawed them. It is yet to prove that this industry is not a vessel of fraudulent transaction. Online casinos may not yet equal its success to the real casinos; however, it will eventually replace little by little the traditional ones. New technological innovation has also paved way to the new era of gambling industry.

3 Customized Cool Gambling Tattoos

Gambling can be an addiction; even the word ‘addiction’ can’t fully signify the draw of this pastime. People love to indulge in gambling. Its passion has the ability to get people to put everything at stake in order to win. The uncertainty and the excitement associated with gambling are what draw people towards it. Tattooing has a close resemblance to gambling, as it also represents a type of addiction. People these days often sport various types of gambling tattoos.

The reason for many gamblers to go for tattoos related to gambling is that they believe in ‘good luck’ signs. Tattoos are traditionally known to bring to be positive in obtaining good fortune. Let us look at some of the most common customized gambling tattoos.

The tattoo design of the playing card suit

Playing card suits are the basic elements of any card based gambling game, and the four suits are diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. Placing images of these on your body shows your passion for card games. This type of tattooing may also be used to indicate favoritism towards a particular card suit. So, if a person has imprinted a spade tattoo on his body, it shouldn’t be a difficult task to guess his favorite suit. Additionally, card suit tattoos symbolize good luck while playing card games. Many people go for a tattoo such as an ace, especially that of a spade, to signify themselves as superior over all! A king or queen is the next most tattooed designs. For a male gambler, a king signifies the top position while the same applies for a female counterpart when it comes to a queen. You can place them in a deck style instead of layered style.

Tattoo design of a dice

A dice is one of the most commonly used items in gambling. The rolling of a dice and its outcome determines the fate of many individuals indulging in gambling. So, a dice tattoo design may act as a good luck charm. Since the outcome of the roll of a dice is dependent on luck, many consider a dice tattoo as the one that brings good fortune. Just like with card designs, you can play around with the design aspect of a dice tattoo. You can opt for any number, which you feel is lucky for you. A number of different colors can be added to make the tattoo exciting, as is the case with real life dice games.

Tattoo design of Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be considered as the ultimate destination of gamblers. It’s a gambler’s dream of gambling in the wonderful casinos of Las Vegas. So much is the obsession with this glittering gambling city that many people get a tattooed image of the city. These can be customized very easily. Ask your tattoo designer for help.

With gambling tattoos, your addiction and passion for the game can be easily shown to the outside world. The tattoos are a must for those who are passionate about the art of gambling.

New Face of Biloxi City

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, the gambling communities of Biloxi and Gulfport are quietly making a comeback after the ravishing damages of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. During this natural disaster, much of the region was destroyed, causing billions and billions of dollars in damaged properties. In addition, the lives of residents were forever altered as they saw their homes and businesses torn apart from the storm. However, the spirit of community in Biloxi and Gulfport is strong, and the region is working on making the area better than ever.

Legislative Help
Immediately following the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, a number of legislative bills were passed to make rebuilding of the region much easier. One such act was the creation of the GO Zone, or Gulf Coast Opportunity Zone. This act was a way of attractive new investor to the region by providing tax discounts as well as other programs that would bring money to the area while it was in need. The program was a resounding success and both Biloxi and Gulfport have been able to bounce back relatively quickly from the Hurricane’s aftermath.

While efforts at reconstruction are still happening, much of the region has been put back together as businesses south of highway 90 are beginning to reopen and tourists continue to visit the cities. Another piece of legislation that improved the conditions of the area was a law that allowed casinos to rebuild their properties further inland. This decision meant that the physical building can have stronger support and will be more prepared if another powerful hurricane comes to the Gulf Coats. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, casinos were required to technically be off-shore. Due to this law, these casinos did not have the necessary infrastructure to weather such a storm. Now they are prepared, making the entire region stronger.

Economic Concerns
The current economic crisis that has hit much of the country has somehow spared the Gulf Coast region. Gambling revenues have continued to remain constant while revenues in other gambling cities have been on a sharp decline. Although there was a decrease from 2007 to 2008, it was only a small decrease and experts believe that the casinos would have had an increase had there not been the possibility of additional hurricanes making landfall in the area.

With the crisis affecting the country, more people are looking to save money on vacations and are thus coming to the Gulf Coast instead of Las Vegas and Atlantic City for gambling vacations. It is these new and additional tourists that are managing to keep the city afloat. The construction in some areas has slowed down, but new permits are still being issued with almost $200 million in contracts being given in 2008. This development is a strong sign that the Gulf Coast economies will continue to grow for many years to come. Gulfport and Biloxi continue to be two shining ships in a sea of troubles. Investors looking for new opportunities would be wise to look into the possibility of expanding into this exciting region.

Famous Gambling Cities

Although gambling is incredibly big in the US it is not the only place you can do it. In fact, many people go on family vacations and then spent the evening gambling while their kids sleep. Even if you don’t have children these popular destinations outside the US are famous gambling spots.

I bet you only think of the beaches in the Caribbean. However, cities like Aruba are also great casino cities. In fact Aruba rank #2 in the world for gambling. So after you spend the afternoon on the white powdery beaches, come inside and play some games at the popular casino including Aruba Concorde, Allegro Aruba of even the 8,000sqft Alhambra Bazaar.

This amazing mansion was built in 1863 and is now home to sculptures, a stunning atrium, and casinos. It’s located next to the Mediterranean and offers a variety of gaming pleasures. You can play just about any American, European or automatic game you could think of.

Macau Region-
China is famous for their technology and cheap labor. However, they are also very prominent in the gambling industry, mainly due to this and a couple other cities. This city never sleeps and everything from Bars, shops and casinos can be found open 24 hours of the day.

Puerto Rico-
Located in the Caribbean, this popular resort destination is also a fantastic place to get your gambling game on. This city is already famous for it’s luxury hotels and beautiful coastline but just as amazing as those are, is it’s many casinos that run across the shoreline.

Sun City-
Once the only place you could gamble in South Africa this city is swarming with popular casinos and nightlife fun. The city looks amazing, especially at night, it’s full of the best hotels, restaurants, live entertainment and of course, Casinos.

How The Gambling City Of The World Reinvented Itself

Las Vegas, in United States of America, is considered to be the haven for gamblers and is often referred to as, “The Gambling City Of The World”. Las Vegas hotels are unimagineable without the casinos. The casino culture in Vegas thrives on the adrenaline rush that people feel when they step into the land of freedom and sin. This is not to say that there aren’t any other forms of entertainment in the city, but gambling is literally in the air when you are in Vegas. If you are on a winning streak, the sky is the limit in Vegas! And when you want to take a break from gambling, there are always things like concerts, acrobatic shows, nightclubs and rocking parties to have fun with.

The recessionary woes

Over the past few years as the gambling industry took a big hit during the great financial recession of 2007-2008, a lot of casino business moved to Macau in China. With revenues burgeoning in Macau everyday, it has now become six times the size of the gambling industry in Las Vegas. Some even started calling it, “Vegas on steroids.” At one point of time there was even a question whether Las Vegas would survive the hit and revive its gambling industry or would it die out to competition that looked bigger, better, and not to mention cheaper in an Asian country.

In order to survive, many casino owners opened sister businesses in Macau along with the existing ones in Las Vegas. The business in Macao loomed large gradually, and business analysts turned their attention to the Macau market instead of Las Vegas, thanks to its failing revenues. Many grand constructions, which were planned in Vegas came to an abrupt halt as owners and developers were no longer sure of their flowing source of funds had been stalled particularly towards the last part of the Strip in the north. Most of these projects were stopped when the downfall in the economy took place.

Regeneration of Las Vegas economy

However, the recession served as a wakeup call for the city of sin, and it knew that it could no longer base its revenues solely off of the gambling market. Make no mistake, gambling is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is still a major source of revenue for the city, but what the city has done is slightly remodeled itself. What you find now are more wholesome sources of entertainment and higher quality restaurants and clubs. Restaurants are far more family friendly than they were in the 90′s.

The main attraction in luxury hotels are not just the casinos anymore. You will now find day clubs on the Strip, pools that can be used for parties and night clubs at night which also provide entertainment for those over 21 years of age. These hotels also include VIP concierge services and city tours for the tourists in luxurious limousines. Thus, Las Vegas is once again fast moving away from its previous adage, “gambling capital of the world” and now to the, “entertainment capital of the world.”

Presently, Las Vegas is at its best. Over the past five years, Las Vegas has fallen and risen from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix. Tourism trends have revived once again and one mega club after another is vying for the attention of tourists with new amusements and attractions every day.